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Pet Care with Love

We are a state-of-the-art, fully integrated veterinary hospital in Ahmedabad dedicated to looking after the health and well-being of your furry partners!
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Our Doctors

Our doctors are highly qualified professionals and at the top of their respective fields, ensuring that your pets are in great hands!
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Dr Divyesh Kelawala

PhD - Surgery and Radiology
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Dr Krunal Patel

MVSc - Surgery and Radiology

Our Services


Humans can talk, animals can’t


Which makes accurate diagnosis and timely intervention even more critical. At BestBuds, the clinical expertise of our doctors combined with advanced testing equipment and accurate data-driven analysis ensures that no problem goes undiagnosed.

  • Digital X-Ray
  • Blood Workup
  • Ultrasound
  • Physiotherapy

*Every time a pet comes into BestBuds, their vitals will be taken, ensuring any undiagnosed issue can be spotted in time

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A good Surgeon is like a Magician


Surgical intervention is complex but at times the most important resort to deal with a critical situation. So, the expertise of our surgeons and 2 fully-equipped operation theaters ensure that every procedure is smooth and the recovery is quick.

  • Soft-tissue
  • Ophthalmic
  • Orthopaedic
  • Dental


Prevention is better than cure


At BestBuds, our goal is to ensure your pets lead a healthy life. This rests on the knowledge and education you have to take care of your pet. We provide consultations on various topics to ensure you have the scientifically correct and relevant information at your fingertips. With proper knowledge and consulting you can easily evade or resolve

the basic problems that your pet faces.

  • Breed Selection
  • Nutrition
  • Puppy Care
  • Maternity
  • Geriatric (Old Age)
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A clean pet is a happy pet.


BestBuds also has a comprehensive bathing and grooming center catering to species and breed specific requirements. Since it's a part of the hospital, we have the added advantage of carrying out dermatological bathing treatments under the supervision of a veterinarian. We use best in class equipment and natural products to make sure that your precious pooch is squeaky clean.

  • Bathing
  • Nail clipping
  • Hair Trimming
  • Dermatological baths
  • Ear Cleaning

About Us

Hi I'm Shaival Desai!


I've been a pet parent of 13 years. Over the years, I’ve consulted with most of the veterinarians in Ahmedabad city over the life of my pets. But I’ve always found at least one of 3 problems with the setups in town:​​

  • Lack of clinical skills

  • Lack of diagnostic equipment

  • Vets wanting to sell me stuff  *I know that dog food you are recommending is not a magic cure, so please just treat the ear infection I brought my dog in for!

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I lost my dear pet, Buddy, to a stomach obstruction on 27th August 2020. While we did all we could, the lack of timely diagnosis and unavailability of treatment options led to his eventual demise. That’s when I decided that the pets of Ahmedabad deserves better, and the idea for BestBuds was born.

Over the next year, I gathered information on everything, from the best doctors, visited the best veterinarian setups in the country and gained knowledge on the best available diagnostic equipment. BestBuds, in its current form, is a culmination of my efforts to provide the best available in pet care to every pet parent.

Best Buds Pet Hospital operates as a duly registered pet healthcare facility, under the auspices of the officially registered Best Buds Pet Care, bearing Registration Number E/23140/Ahmedabad . While we are a non-profit organization (registered as a trust), we charge for our services only to sustain the operational costs in the longer run. The pricing philosophy compensates for all necessary expenses such as the doctor’s time, consultation fee, consumables, etc. I intend that the organisation becomes self-sustainable and outlasts me to achieve the bigger, and frankly, necessary vision, for which operational profitability becomes a requirement.


In case of any concerns whatsoever, please reach out to me on

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Contact Us

1, Kailash Mansarovar, New Sharda Mandir Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad 380007
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